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Johnnie Walker The Spice Road

Culture By Photo by Johnnie Walker
One more glorious addition to the Duty Free store.

How did one make his whisky known around the world in a time before big branding and Super Bowl commercials? Johnnie Walker and his associates walked. The Spice Road ($43) is the first release in JW’s Explorers’ Club Collection (followed soon by The Gold Route and The Royal Route), a series made with the traveler in mind, and is sure to warm the hearts and stomach linings of globetrotters everywhere.

The blend, which will only be available in Duty Free stores (favored Port of Calls for alcoholic gluttony), was inspired by storied tales of John Walker and sons traveling the Orient, experiencing overindulgent wealth and, if the commercialized myths we are fed daily are to be believed, partying in fraternity-type fashion with all sorts of interesting people. Whatever the fantastical tales, the Spice Road does offer a perfect locale to base a Scotch on: bold, mysterious and full of great flavors. Honey, cloves and ginger embolden JW’s classic spicy, vanilla kick, making a few swigs the perfect remedy for any bout of homesickness.

Available at Duty Free stores January 2013