Olympus TG-2

Tech : Cameras By Photo by Olympus

When you need a camera to schlep to the top of the Rocky Mountains, very few can get the job done like the Olympus TOUGH series. The line’s new 12MP Olympus TG-2 ($380) is no exception, thanks to the plethora of features loaded into this little shooter. For starters, you can take the TG-2 along for the ride when you go swimming with sharks in the Caribbean — it’ll keep on clicking in 50 ft of water. The wide 25mm equivalent of the f2.0 4x optical zoom lens means you can get up close and personal, and 1080p HD video opens up the door for all sorts of extreme shorts (sure to scare the pants off mom at your next family gathering).

The TG-2 sports a 3.0-inch OLED screen to help you document your masterpieces. Keep in mind, though, that this is a small sensor camera: so at f2, the sensor will just be soaking up more ambient light. Still, there’s some great extras: the camera has built-in GPS tagging for your images and in-body super macro zoom (for microscopic closeness); it’s also shockproof up to 7 feet and has a lineup of accessories for all your vacations and excursions.