Jongo Unchained

Pure Jongo

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Pure VIA
Easy on the ears and the wallet.

Streaming music to the four corners of your house might still be considered a luxury, but a new face in the hi-fi streaming game, Pure, claims to undercut the competition in price and ease of use with its Jongo speaker series. The line provides multi-speaker streaming for radio, podcasts, Pure Music subscriptions and more via wi-fi and Bluetooth. In addition to being affordable, there’s no proprietary network to set up — so the un-tech-savvy music lover need not fear.

The Jongo S340B ($229), a compact 360-degree speaker that works both indoors and out, is the first product to hit the market; those strapped for cash can add to their S340B speaker range as they go via easy wi-fi set up for greater coverage and an ever-growing party radius. The A140B audio-to-wi-fi bridge and a 100W S640B flagship speaker will be available later in the year. No pricing yet on those, but consider our ears piqued.