A different kind of POS

ShopKeep iPad POS by Griffin

Tech : Apps By Photo by ShopKeep

Forget the confusing title, and remember this: the ShopKeep iPad POS by Griffin is going to make a lot of small business owners very happy. The new point-of-sale iPad mod — consisting of a protective case with built-in magnetic card reader that works in conjunction with the ShopKeep app — makes manning the cash register all the more accessible. The case is a heavy duty solution to the serious inflow of payments that every boss wants to see. A magnetic card reader with TDES encryption and DUKPT key management adds serious security; impact-resistant hardware protects the industrious iPad, and a smart stand saves the necks of hard-working employees. It all runs on the ShopKeep platform, already well proven and beloved by start-ups everywhere. Anxious card swipers can expect it this quarter — but no word on pricing just yet.