Cut the cord

Corsair Voyager Air

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Corsair
It's a lot smaller than it looks.

Available with either 500GB or 1TB of storage, the Corsair Voyager Air ($199-$229) is a wi-fi wonder for media maniacs not content with cloudy reception. Dubbed the first all-in-one to combine the conveniences of being a USB drive, a wireless network drive and a hub, the Voyager Air is a potent portable of note. USB 3.0 connectivity and built-in Gigabit Ethernet ensures set up is as simple as the lyrics to a Sheepdogs tune — and should be finished before they get to the chorus. Once it’s ready, you have a consolidated NAS (network accessible storage) drive for all of your wirelessly tethered toys, including handhelds, smart TVs, DVRs and game consoles.

Away from home, the Voyager Air brings un-buffered delivery of your archived distractions to up to five devices simultaneously, while also acting as a wireless pass-through to turn that airport hotspot into a hub of connectivity for everybody. A free app enables instant content availability for handhelds, and a 7-hour battery life will keep you entertained, or productive, for the duration of your flight, if not just the layover.

Available February 2013