For the notary public and/or spy in your life

Ion Audio Air Copy

Design By Photo by Ion Audio
Not exactly sure what it is they're doing...

We have a ton of questions about the Ion Audio Air Copy, which was just announced at CES 2013. The primary one is, what’s a company most known for making inexpensive USB turntables doing throwing out a wireless scanner? More importantly, who actually needs — literally, needs — a wireless scanner? From our deep and exhaustive research, we’ve found the most popular answers to these questions are “we have no idea” and “maybe Jason Bourne”.

Still, our final verdict is that the Air Copy is straight-up cool. Made to scan any image or document up to the standard 8.5 x 11 inch Las Vegas marriage certificate, the Air Copy broadcasts its own wi-fi signal to your Android, Windows 8 or iOS device. This means you don’t need an internet connection to upload your hi-res 300 DPI images to your phone, tablet or computer. Add in a rechargeable battery, compact design and proprietary app to preview your scans in real time, and you’ve got yourself one complete mobile blackmail kit. What you do with it is another question.