Mr. Samuel L on the N-Word
In a role reversal, Samuel Jackson asks Jake Hamilton the hard question. The rest is history.
10 Toughest Motor Races in the World
Jalopnik answers the question you’ve been asking yourself every morning while moseying up your gravel driveway: “What, really, are the toughest motoring races in the world?” Answers this way.
Cool Hunting Flies BlackJet
We haven’t ponied up for our invite to BlackJet yet, but our friends at Cool Hunting have already chartered a flight. Read the handsome editors’ account as they take to the air to test out the private flying game changers.
A Gentleman’s Guide to Karaoke
You hate karaoke almost as much as we do. But it’s an inevitability, Mr. Anderson. Kempt lays out the best way to handle and participate. My advice? Don’t go.
Iran Attacked… Our Banks, But Here’s The More Important Story
Officials say that Iran is behind the recent attack on our banks. The reality is you probably weren’t able to log in. But the reason behind the attack, an older story from June, reads more briskly than the Hollywood screenplay for Argo — further proving truth and reality are too far-fetched for fiction.