The damn Cloud. Everything’s going there. Pretty soon, you’ll have to go to the Cloud to change your underwear. But for now, you’ll have to settle for the OD-11, the world’s first Cloud speaker — just introduced at CES 2013 — by the incredible folks at Teenage Engineering. If the nomenclature and design look familiar, it’s because the OD-11 is an homage to the original Carlsson OD-11 (designed by Stig Carlsson in 1974), a revolutionary speaker that was created for the home, not the studio, and also faced the ceiling to spread sound throughout a room.

In a single integrated piece, the OD-11 combines a 100W amplifier, wi-fi (to pull music from that ole Cloud) and a sound processor. Within, you’ll also find a high-efficiency neodymium cone tweeter and a long throw pulp cone woofer. Frequency range is 28-24,000 Hz; and the OD-11 also includes a nifty Bluetooth 4 Low Energy remote that’s ingeniously simple. The Ortho remote runs for years on a single button cell battery, and it’s magnetized for convenient placement (and minimal loss). Just don’t mistake it for a hockey puck. Tentative cost is slated at $800, and the speaker should hit market this summer.

Available Summer 2013