Set your stage right

Hoerboard Spin Age DJ Stand

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Hoerboard VIA
We pray your skills match your style.

Luxo DJ furniture maker Hoerboard has announced their latest shrine for decks and mixers, and like their previous works, you’ll need a record deal in hand to afford it. Hoerboard Spin Age Dj Stand (~$2,952) flaunts a laser-cut metal frame made from two equal parts and includes three inlaid compartments for gear as well as a shelf for your laptop of choice. Smallish monitors can also squeeze in on the sides. Wires would naturally ruin the clean club looks of the setup, so power and audio cords are discretely integrated into the table body, while audio jacks are placed underneath the desk for easy setup. There’s also a six-plug power point plus two audio connectors. A variety of glossy or matte colors are available for your card-charging pleasure; champagne-covered groupies will require an extra hit to your wallet and their dignity.