The shortest of stacks

Marshall Hanwell

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Marshall
Turn it to 11, please.

Leave it to those face-melting Brits over at Marshall to create something like the Hanwell ($800). Styled after the famed amps that have stuffed arenas with sound for half a century, the company’s first foray into home audio packs 200 watts of pure rock into one 25-pound body.

Made of the same wooden construction and black vinyl as its older brothers, the Hanwell is outfitted with analog controls for volume, bass and treble, as well as a double-ended coiled 3.5mm audio cable to ensure a tangle-free connection to your musical source of choice. Inside, two ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeters are coupled with dual 6-inch-long throw woofers to produce what the company promises is “that trademark Marshall tone”. What’s that mean? It means you’re probably best off playing more Boston than Bieber.