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Secret Society: Modern Speakeasy Style and Design

Culture : Books By Photo by Farameh Media
Don't judge a speakeasy by its cover.

Not much is secret anymore. We probe the strange, glorious depths of the world, wherever they be. Then we post them to Facebook. Secret Society: Modern Speakeasy Style and Design ($125) divulges with a bit more class. The hulking book bulges with the descendants of ’20s speakeasies — secret clubs that no longer hide illegal activity (well, at least not involving alcohol), but rather veil extreme exclusivity. Tucked behind trick doors are some of the cooler spaces to get drunk in the world; now you can keep an index right on your coffee table.

Fantastic photography, thoroughly researched blurbs and the coordinates of each secret spot — a challenge to adventure — make Secret Society an enticing read. The book itself embodies the dark, eclectic design of each forbidden destination. Speaking of those destinations: they’re from all over the world. Who knows, maybe the book will inspire you to slip into your best duds, slip a $50 into the ambiguous bouncer’s palm and, finally, slip inside for an unforgettable night.