valet-style To Hell with Resolutions, Be Better in 31 Days
Valet’s fifth annual 31 Days of Style Tips & Tricks is better than ever with enough bite-sized how-to’s to get you on the pages of The Sartorialist. Well, maybe. A definite must-read for you Dapper Dans.
leather-soul-a-continuous-lean This is the Coolest Shoe Shop in Hawaii
So says Mr. Williams of ACL. Read about his visit to Leather Soul as he declares that the best men’s footwear store in the US of A is not in any of the usual suspects, but rather our favorite non-contiguous state: Hawaii.
cool-material-ces 11 Things to Eye at CES
Cool Material rounds up 11 things they’d steal at CES. We don’t condone stealing nor do they, but we certainly do like the targets.
nytimes-hanggliding Two Men, One Sky: A Flight to the Finish
Pursuing the record of the farthest distance flown in a hang glider sounds like the pursuit of an overzealous weekend warrior. Hardly. The Gray Lady profiles two men’s soaring achievement, literally.
kilogram-economist A Kilogram is No Longer A Kilogram
We still perfer our measurements Oppa Imperial Style, but elsewhere in the world the debate over what the hell a kilogram rages on. We assure you, it’s far more exciting than it sounds.
787-grounded Not Such A Dream, For Now
The 787 Dreamliner hasn’t been such a dream for Boeing. That’s sad because we’re gung-ho for the bird to rule the mid-haul skies. Until then though, the FAA has clipped its wings.