Not-so-large, but in charge

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Design By Photo by GoalZero

As mother nature continues to channel Tony Danza — reminding us of who’s the boss of this marble — on an increasing basis, proper emergency preparedness is more important than ever. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator is a breadbox-sized lifeline for powering both critical gadgets like lights and radios along with all of the touchscreen comforts of an upper middle class home. The roughly 8-inch cube weighs 12 pounds and features a 150Wh lead-acid battery capable of fully recharging a typical smartphone over 15 times — or a laptop twice — via a variety of outputs, including an integrated USB port, two 12V ports or a built-in A/C outlet.

Its own internal hulking battery can in turn be charged ahead of an outage in 4 hours from a wall socket or in 5-10 hours using Goal Zero’s companion Nomad 13 solar panel (assuming humanity hasn’t struck first against the robot invasion by darkening the sky). An official release date and price are still under wraps, but it’s rumored the setup will cost in the ballpark of $400 when it finally hits shelves later this year, at least a few months ahead of the next doomsday prediction to pop up.