The Symbol Audio Tabletop Hi-fi ($1,800) speaker is positioned as an attractive and space-saving solution for discerning listeners in search of better home audio. The console includes two 4-inch full-range drivers, which boast titanium cones, paired with a down-firing 1/4-inch sub, and is powered by a 2.1 channel class D amp; this is capable of pushing 8 watts to the stereo drivers and 15.5 to the sub.

None of these elements is particularly special on its own — especially for an asking price of $1,800. What you’re blowing the farm on here is the dampened, attractive solid walnut cabinet made in NYC that can be customized in several colors and lacquers. An included mini-jack audio input and 1/8 cable allow the unit to connect to turntables — or wireless bridges like an airport express for those pragmatic enough to not view the digital age with disdain. Value seekers won’t waste a minute thinking this is the speaker for them. But as Gizmodo points out, aesthetes will have trouble looking away, because, after all, it’s not easy being pretty.