Get... chained down?

Ion Audio Cordless Phone System

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Ion Audio VIA
Dude, the call's coming from inside the house!

We’ve never been inside the R&D division of Ion Audio, but based on what we’ve been seeing lately we have a sneaking suspicion that the department is comprised of a gaggle of bros sitting around on torn-up leather couches with some fairly potent recreational products at their disposal. How else to explain their Cordless Phone System?

Made to ensure that you’re always within reach of your mobile phone, Ion’s latest headscratcher allows you to dock and charge your smartphone to a Bluetooth station that then connects your now landlocked communicator to three separate wireless handsets using DECT 6.0 technology. So instead of just keeping that smartphone in your pocket for easy access, you can now dock it in a stationary base station and scramble to the nearest handset when you’ve got a call.

While this device may prove puzzling to you as well, we think we’ve discovered the real impetus behind it: multiple in-home callers. In other words, you and your roommates can all be on the same line with the same person at once without having to daisy-chain between phones. How else do you think those bros at Ion ensure they get the right toppings on their late-night pizza deliveries? Necessity is the mother of invention. We’re on to you, Ion.