Whittle away at your meal

Opinel Bon Apetit Table Knives

January 21, 2013 Culture By Photo by Opinel

Sure, you’ve used an Opinel blade to eat — but that was a skewer of venison charred over a kindling fire under the stars. Enjoy quality cutlery under different circumstances with Opinel’s Bon Apetit Table Knives ($70). These dishwasher-safe, olive wood-handled knives feature Swedish stainless steel blades and handsome, sleek design, somewhere between a paring and a steak knife, and are perfect for your subtle but handsome dinner table within your manly and well-décored home (or even your messy abode of shame). Ultimately, they’re table knives — not meant to be the centerpiece of, well, anything other than slicing up that succulent meat — and they do their job just fine. If you find yourself trying to whittle down a piece of table edge after a meal, you’ll know it’s time to grab your favorite folder and hit the trail.

Set of 4

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