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écurie25 Supercar Club

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Money can't buy happiness, but it can get you some grins.

Entertaining fantastical pipe dreams has always been a fun diversion for us, like that time we thought it would be cool to go to law school because, “I don’t know what else to do with my life” (which is apparently what educational sadomasochists are apt to say). Or thinking we might one day have stacks — on stacks on stacks — of disposable income to purchase, maintain and insure our own supercar, for example. Luckily, écurie25 Supercar Club ($1,000+) has furnished a solution for one of these pipe dreams. The luxury of having an exotic “daily driver”, once exclusively reserved for the ill-deserving heirs and heiresses of this world, is made possible by écurie25’s membership system, where a single fee buys your membership into this passionate, petroleum underworld.

Membership ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $3,750, depending on the number of driving days per year and which various classes and amenities (including free drop off/pick up and free gas) you choose. It’s kind of like a timeshare, except with vehicles. However, if you live in Uzbekistan you’re out of luck, because écurie25’s newest thoroughbred stable has just opened in Austin, TX, with clubs already available in the UK, Australia and NYC. Oh happy day for you budget-conscious car lovers. Feel free to channel your best inner Vin Diesel — because who doesn’t live their life a quarter-mile at a time?