A Locals Bar

Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap

Style : Grooming By Photo by Hudson Made
Leave behind the noxious Axe wash.

We’d like to regale you with stories of the good old days, when men would go down to the local soapmaker’s shop to refill their scuttle with something fresh and handmade and honest. But we’ll do you one better: Get ye to New York’s Hudson Valley — or at least to the Hudson Made website — and experience the glory days of soap for yourself.

Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap ($13) is the latest ware from Hudson Made, a producer and retailer of goods made in and around a region sometimes called “America’s Rhineland”, a place with a rich history of trade, battle, artistic inspiration and really great smells over the past several hundred years. Their 3-ounce bar lathers exorbitantly and doubles as both beard cleanser and shave soap, depending on your facial hair situation. Either way, you’re coming out of the washroom smelling of petitgrain, North American cedar, juniper needle, myhrr and black pepper. This, we dare say, is the smell of a man who regales people with stories of the good old says.