testosterone-art-of-manliness A Week of Testosterone
The ever on-point Art of Manliness dives into a week’s worth of testosterone, covering everything from benefits, know-how and ways to increase the big T naturally. Their in-depth coverage should be atop your reads of vigor. artofmanliness.com
best-cult-books Best Cult Sports Books
You read the news, you watch the stats, but how about the essence and ephemera of sports? The stuff beyond the leaderboard. Men’s Journal rounds up the 11 best cult sports books — fiction and non. mensjournal.com
two-teams-you-hate How to Watch Two Teams You Hate
GQ‘s Ball Baron series breaks down the finer points of Sunday NFL action. This week, Drew Magary brings you an answer to the oft-maligned crossroads of having to watch two teams you loathe. Here are his pointers; also be sure to check out GQ‘s new digital digs. gq.com. (And elsewhere: the hottest women of the 21st century. Our vote, at least photo-wise: Rashida Jones.)
Hannes-Keller-dive Diving Deep Into Danger
Diving to a thousand feet scares the hell out of us, but not Swiss mathematician Hannes Keller — who at the age of 28 and pounding down Coca-Cola every morning for breakfast broke his own record. Today, his legacy is carried forth in the utterly dangerous career of saturation divers. nybooks.com
military-too-much The Force: How Much Military Is Enough?
It’s no news that the U.S. spends more on defense than every other nation combined. Whether you agree or disagree with that, The New Yorker throws in a chip on the heated debate, pondering the former stance of the U.S. that once regarded a standing army as a form of tyranny. newyorker.com
aaron-swartz Memory to Myth: Tracing Aaron Swartz Through the 21st Century
Aaron Swartz was ahead of his time, carrying an oversized burden that will likely make him one of the most important people on the internet. The Verge’s Tim Carmody dives into Swartz’s contributions, by looking beyond the headlines. theverge.com