No cubes in this icebox

Black Diamond Ice Box

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Black Diamond

Guys like to climb stuff — trees, corporate ladders and, of course, icy mountains. The scarier, the better. The Black Diamond Ice Box ($80) is a great solution for storing lots of pointy gear that needs to be handy at a moment’s notice. The box holds four tools, a pair of crampons (stop giggling, dammit) and ten screws, and its zippered mesh bag is great for extra picks and any of those spare, bad-ass necessities. Made with durable ballistic cloth and closed-cell foam padding, it weighs in at only two pounds but is built like a tank. You’ll appreciate that when you’re hanging one-handed from a sheer face (or, technically, struggling up that icy mound in the parking lot). Be careful out there, sport.