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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Beyerdynamic

The world may not be in black or white, but a glance at today’s most popular gadgets would make you think otherwise. Wouldn’t it be grand if technology could mirror your tastes and preferences (Swarovski crystal crusts excluded) — and not cost a bloody fortune? Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones ($195) are just that. Even in their stock form, a metal frame, metal ear cups, metal y-forks and a removable 2.5mm connector give the made-in-Deutschland set a premium feel.

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But changing elements like the earpads, headband or even the faceplates with either a pre-made design or a blank plate that you then laser etch on your own create a real differentiation (you snowflake, you). Then there’s the Custom Sound Slider with four position settings, which means users can switch between various sound profiles ranging from analytic to “heavy bass” depending on their mood. Combined with professional 16-Ohm velocity drivers, excellent noise isolation (they can be converted to semi-open or open designs easily, too), fast response and precise spacial positioning, they’re an easy recommendation for those looking for slightly less canned cans.