Bold, blue and brilliant

End of Watch Blu-ray

Shoot first, then take names.

On-screen chemistry isn’t something to be overlooked (just ask Padme and Anakin). Luckily, Jake Gyllenhal and Michael Peña don’t suffer the same wooden fate. As LAPD Officers Taylor and Zavala, the two actors shine in a dark world, providing just the right amount of wit, raw humor and law enforcement street cred to make End of Watch ($25), now out on Blu-ray, one of the best movies of 2012. Having made their name on the force by cracking numerous drug cartel skulls, they’re targeted above their pay grade. Directed by Training Day writer, David Ayer, the film captures the deep camaraderie of the two men, their rich personal lives and the horrors of the mean streets of L.A. in a way that both entertains and captivates. The ending is just about as perfect as any film’s in recent memory.