It's what's underneath that counts

Mack Weldon Daily Wear

Style : Accessories By Photo by Mack Weldon
The first layer is often the most important...

“Daily wear” is right; we’re not promoters of commando in the least. Mack Weldon socks, underwear and undershirts ($13-$32) hit the nail on the skivvies head. They’re simple, reasonably priced and comfortable as hell. Because you deserve more than just a discount prepackaged set of ill-fitted undergarments from your local retailer superstore, the company shoots for a reliable fit that still prioritizes keeping the funk away through odor and moisture management. Their 18-hour fabric holds shape (and smell) on the longest of workdays, when you need them most. Undershirts have extra length to stay tucked and both boxers and briefs won’t ride up. That’s all we’re asking for and Mack Wheldon delivers.