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Halda Space Discovery

Style By Photo by Halda

We like our astronaut watches, and one’s just hit us out of the wild blue yonder — the Halda Space Discovery (~$13,200), a beautiful piece of technology that hides its dual personality a hell of a lot better than Dr. Jekyll. The watch features interchangeable timekeeping modules: the Space Module (electronic) and the Mechanical Module (well… mechanical). Both are integrated into the bracelet so well that it’s difficult to tell they’re swappable pieces.

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The Space Module’s in-house electronic movement is encased in proprietary TECAMAX and features a multi-function UTC chronograph with impressive mission features such as a light sensor, accelerometer, G-force measurement and a low power consumption microprocessor. The Space Module has earned its name, having been tested on the space shuttle Discovery during STS-128, and is clearly well designed from the ground up for use beyond the surly bonds of Earth.

For use back on terra firma, the Mechanical Module’s new old stock self-winding mechanical calibre, from an unnamed 1970s manufacture, ensures a high rate of precision by running at the impressive frequency of 36,000 vph. The movement is nicely decorated, and cased in more earthly stainless steel.

The Halda Docking System securely locks either module to the bracelet with a three-step process. (You’ve always wanted to practice your space docking in the privacy of your own home!) Best of all, the next time you’re headed into space, Halda will change out the domed sapphire crystal for a safer-in-space Hesalite (acrylic) version, free of charge. In any case, you’ll need to be quick, because the Halda Space Discovery is a limited edition of 128 pieces. The crafty Swedes are also rumored to be working on an auto racing themed watch for future release; we’ll be eagerly awaiting the day we use all three modules in a trifecta of epic proportions.