Slick moisture sucker

BRNO Dri+Cap Dehumidifying Lens Cap

Tech : Electronics By Photo by BRNO
Protect that beautiful body.

We would like to reiterate the fact that photography is an expensive hobby. Most photographers can’t afford to be spending precious ramen money on replacing camera bodies. Once you obtain those coveted high-quality shooter and lenses, you want to keep them in tip-top shape; that’s why the affordable and moisture-zapping BRNO Dri+Cap ($70) comes highly recommended. 

Humidity is apt to build up and corrode the moving innards of your body and lenses — especially if you live in a weather-fluctuating area, which is to say, the United States of America — forcing you to inadvertently send frowny face emoticons to all your photog friends. No one wants that. The dehumidifying cap protects both Canons and Nikons from fungus, mold and other camera-destroying agents that spawn from humidity changes. A silica gel packet placed in a rear chamber of the BRNO Dri+Cap maintains 35%-45% humidity, and special O-rings keep excess moisture out. The packet even changes colors to signal when it needs changing, which is useful and a lot cooler than texting emoticons.