23-year-game-of-tag-si A 23-Year-Long Game of Tag
You played tag as a child. You may have even joked around with it in your adolescent years. But now that you’re a grown-ass man, can you recall the last time you actually played tag? These gents can — and they’ve been doing it for 23 years. wsj.com
esquire-guide-to-super-bowl The Man’s Guide to Game Day
The ever-vigilant crew at Esquire wrap up their comprehensive guide to the big game. Wings to cheerleaders, it’s a cornucopia of pre-kickoff doctrine. esquire.com
alaska-cabin-living-outside The Joys of Cabin Living in Alaska
We’ve all dreamed of leaving our desks and going into the wild — and though few have the backbone to become a modern-day luddite, at least we can read about it. Outside’s Steven Rinella reports. outsideonline.com
planetarium-cool-hunting The Planetarium Projector Museum
Cool Hunting gives us a glimpse into a place you probably never knew existed: the world’s largest collection of planetarium projectors. The film is astro-nerdery at its well-preserved finest. coolhunting.com
old-man-and-the-tee Old Man and the Tee
YouTube discovered Kate Upton. It projected the tunes of Psy. Now, it brings us a new, genuine kind of star. A 29-year-old veteran who’s walking on at Wyoming to become a placekicker. sportsillustrated.com
100-foot-wave-wired There’s No Place for Fear When Riding A 100 Foot Wave
Surfer Garrett McNamara is believed to have ridden a wave — a 100 foot tall wave — off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. What else is there to say. Wired reports. wired.com