Rack 'em up

Make Bike Rack

January 31, 2013 Design By Photo by Make

Indoor bike racks come in all shapes and sizes, most of them trending toward “modern chic” or “classic natural”. Some just look like ugly contemporary sculptures. The Make 001 Bike Rack ($180), first product of fledgling design group Make, combines the best of both worlds with an unpresumptuous shape and clean design. Mostly, the rack shows off what it isn’t: there’s no glaring gunmetal, no gimmicky “bookshelf” or “helmet/bell/random small device container” tacked on. In getting your ride’s handlebars far enough away from the wall, there’s an inherent flat space that could hold whatever you want to put there, or nothing at all; solid walnut or maple is plain enough for a wall apparatus; small bronze screw caps hide mounting screws and provide the only semblance of “flash”. The price point isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s very competitive with similar wooden, handmade racks. Now you just need to find the space.

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