A Real Guitar Hero

Mono Vertigo Top Loading Guitar Case

Style : Accessories By Photo by Mono
Only your fans should go fully topless.

It may not house the firepower needed to take down a Mexican drug lord, but the Mono Vertigo Top Loading Guitar Case ($205) will keep any mariachi’s six-shooter string safe, sound and ready to rock. Unlike other soft-shells, which fold faster than a limp bizkit without an axe on board, the Vertigo was built to stand up (literally) to something all strummers do: grabbing that baby by the neck and getting onstage in a hurry.

The Vertigo integrates an angled hinge in the lower half of its water resistant shell to afford a quick and easy way to grab or stow your Gibson from a front, standing position. In doing so, Mono also eliminated the need for zippers at its base. Instead, they added something they call “The Boot”. It’s a simple EVA-padded, rubber-soled shoe/shock absorber designed to handle the abuse of the road — or indignant roadies. Innovation continues on the inside with the latest iteration of Mono’s Headlock system, which now surrounds the guitar neck automatically upon case closure to create a secure suspension system and keep heads from rolling around in the ABS-reinforced upper. Who knew rockin’ out could be so safe?