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Soloshot Auto Tracking Camera Mount

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Soloshot
For the badass that doesn't have any friends at the moment.

One of the most glaring problems with surfing, biking, skiing and other sports is that you can’t film yourself third-person while alone. How are you going to post your runs to social media and impress everybody? For the lone wolf type, the Soloshot ($479) auto tracking camera mount is the complete cameraman-sans-cameraman for any upcoming DIY adventure films. It’s simple to operate and works with almost any camera out there. Attach your camera to the included tripod/Soloshot device, set up your shot, strap on the elastic transmitter armband, grab your board/bike/skis and stay within 2,000 feet. It’s perfect for a wide range of badassery — from other water sports to cycling, racing, and snow sports, or whatever X Games intentions you’ve been brewing.

An LED light tracks the transmitter armband, keeping you front and center as you pass, rip and/or wipe out. The device is rechargeable and waterproof (in fresh and saltwater), but it only swivels on its own (360 degrees), so aiming, zooming, and tilting for the perfectly framed picture is a necessity before letting it do its thing. Now, if only you could find some friends to do it for you and save the five hundred bucks…