Believe I'm sinkin' down

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Collection

It'll feel just as good in your hands as in Slow Hands'.

A stack of money might not get you a jam session with Mr. Clapton, but it can buy an incredible replica of one of his guitars, a stunning signature series acoustic or even a handsome Ernie Ball limited edition guitar strap. Hell, maybe you should just sell your soul to the devil. In any case, the Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection is a gorgeous set of blues beauty. Consisting of handmade replicas of both his Fender “Brownie” Stratocaster ($15,000) and the Gibson Harrison-Clapton (yes, Eric Clapton AND George Harrison owned it) “Lucy” Les Paul ($15,000), along with three unbelievable signature series Crossroads Martin acoustics ($6,000-$50,000) made specifically to Slow Hands’ specifications, the line is one of the more beautiful modern rock and roll arsenals. They’re all available through Guitar Center starting March 2013.

The limited collection (100 Strats, 100 Les Pauls, with similarly small batch numbers for the Martins) commemorates the 2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival, which happens to have a jaw-dropping lineup including B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, The Allman Brothers and, of course, Mr. Clapton himself. But we digress.


The “Brownie” Stratocaster is an incredible replica of Clapton’s own, which he played for “Layla” and throughout his stint with “Derek and the Dominos”, and sold for a cool $497,500 in 1999. The sunburst-patterned classic matches the extreme wear on the original down to the individual paint flecks worn off its back; the folks at Fender were actually allowed to take apart the original to make their remakes match exactly.


The “Lucy” Les Paul has an incredible history, involving both Clapton, George Harrison, The White Album, being stolen and taken to Mexico and finally being rescued and returned to Harrison (whose estate still owns it today). An extra-slim neck and its gorgeous cherry red stain makes the twin to this classic beauty a true stunner. So what’s 15k, anyway?


Martin’s modern line of Crossroads signature series acoustics, meanwhile, is just as impressive as these inspired axes. Clapton worked with Chris Martin for a specific blues sound through a smaller, thinner body based on the traditional 000 body style; never mind the Madagascar and Brazilian rosewood, pearl inlays and fretboard designs. Each guitar in the line is signed by both Martin and Clapton.

No matter which one you decide to sell your car for, you can know you’re doing the right thing. Beside making yourself the happiest guitar owner in the world, you’re also benefiting Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Charity, which helps those with drug and alcohol addictions.