hodinkee-sidewalk-clock The Story Of New York’s Sidewalk Clock
In lower Manhattan there is a simple clock with a not so simple story. It has been living in the sidewalk ticking for over a century. Steven J. Pulvirent sweepingly reports its story in this long-form piece. hodinkee.com
beats-by-dre Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Story of How Monster Lost the World
Like it (or the sound) or not, Beats by Dre turned headphones into the must-have accessory for everyone from sneakerheads to models. But the ubiquitous audio gadget’s story began with unusual roots — an unlikely partnership between a purveyor of overpriced cables (Monster) and the eponymous rapper/producer. Sam Biddle reports on the recent, fascinating turn of events. gizmodo.com
amazon-saves-postal-service How Amazon Could Save the Postal Service
The USPS has announced there will be no more Saturday letter delivery, but how often do you even send letters? Amazon packages — now that’s a different story. A theory on how Amazon could be the USPS’s future. wired.com
park-bench The Case for Working From a Park Bench
Some of you are reading this from a coffee shop or home office where you work, but how about the park bench? fastcompany.com
charles-dickens Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens
A timeless letter by Charles Dickens with advice to his youngest son. brainpickings.org
packard-plant In an Old Packard Plant, Life Goes On
Allan Hill welds at home. His home? An abandoned Packard automotive plant. nytimes.com