Chain reaction

Thule Easy-fit CU-9 Tire Chains

Cars By Photo by Thule
We don't need no stinkin' plows.

If the white stuff comes down in droves where you live and laws allow for tire chains in your state, the only thing stopping you from procuring a set is the pain installation can cause. Thule Easy-fit CU-9 ($450) tire chains mean having your safe driving and staying warm, too (of course, there’s a lot more than just chains to keep in mind during winter weather driving). Just slip the chain on the top of your tire and wrap the bottom around the base, then simply push down on the pedal that’s located on the central aluminum bar. Start your car and pull away, and the CU-9 will automatically adjust to a tight fit. That’s it. The whole process takes about fifteen seconds, which you’ll really appreciate when it’s fifteen degrees out. Removal is just as simple. Push down on the central bar’s red buttons and the chain pulls away. It even comes with its own rugged storage bag to use as a mat for use during installation. Thule wants you prepped for winter and is, apparently, also concerned about your fancy pants. Isn’t that nice.