Protect your hide

Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket

Cars By Photo by Alpinestars
The brainy biker can also look good.

You can’t scrimp when it comes to protection on the mean streets or on the tarmac. The Alpinestars Atem Leather Jacket ($700) boasts the kind of materials and design that make it one of the most complete riding jackets available today. Plus, it makes you look like a pretty damned serious rider, so bone up on those skills.

The shell is made with 1.3mm high grade leather with reinforced impact areas, perforated panels for better ventilation and MotoGP-style Dynamic Friction Shield shoulder protection — plus, it’s fully CE-certified (the European standard for motorcycle impact armor). The Aramidic stretch panels in the sleeves and chest, plus additional accordion stretch panels, allow for increased comfort while on the bike. Perhaps most importantly, a security strap keeps the jacket in place during a feet-first slide. It can’t make you ride better, but it’s much safer and smarter than your high-school jean jacket. Now, go get yourself a proper helmet.