This faucet really blows

Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer And Faucet

Design By Photo by Dyson

Turn knob. Scrub. Turn knob. Shake. Shake. Flick. Leap to anemic wall dryer. Rub hands. Shake. Give up. There are more inefficient and grosser routines in life, but washing and drying our hands has that certain je ne sais quoi — the feeling that there must be a more sensible, genius solution on tap somewhere. The Occam’s Razor solution comes courtesy of the folks at Dyson: the Dyson Airblade Tap (call to discuss pricing), a hyper-efficient washer/dryer combo. The ultra-modern-looking, hybrid stainless steel faucet flanked by two cylindrical wings (the dryers) comes in two sizes for countertop sinks, and a wall mounted unit is available too (what kind of sinks do you people have?).

It took seven years for Dyson engineers to design the digital V4 motor that sucks in bucket loads of air per second, removes over 99% of airborne bacteria via HEPA filter and spits it out through acoustically-engineered(!) vents. The dryers do their job in 14 seconds (versus 43 for the average standalone hand dryer) thanks to a super-high RPM fan. Because there are only three moving parts in the whole shebang, there is little chance the motor will need repair; and if it does break, there’s a juicy five-year warranty. The Airblade saves up to 69% of costs associated with regular hand dryers, and overall, the system produces more than 60% less CO2 than hand drying alternatives. If impressive numbers aren’t enough to convince you, the thing is cut and welded with custom-designed lasers, which means it’ll fit in effortlessly with your eco-friendly dormant-volcano-evil-lair bathroom scheme.