Won't blow up ballons, will blow up battery life

Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Tech : Electronics By Photo by Mophie
Noble gas, noble battery case.

Lately the scientific community has been up in arms about a global shortage of helium gas — a problem they say is ballooning out of control due to government fire sales of the stuff in the mid 90s and, presumably, a flagrant abuse of resources by birthday party clowns everywhere. Thankfully, the new Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 ($80) isn’t actually made of the stuff, and you won’t sound like a funny mouse person when you’re using it. The case is a full 13% thinner than any other prior Mophie juice packs, but adds an impressive 80% more battery life to the iPhone 5.

Mophie’s Helium — available in dark or silver metallic finishes — will extend talk time and video playback by up to 7 hours, and extend audio playback to a total of around 30 hours. The case also happens to extend the physical length of the iPhone 5 by over a half inch, but it also provides protection for every last bit of the non-screen surface. Most of the bulk is concentrated at the bottom end, where iPhone speakers are located, though the Mophie cleverly redirects sound from the speakers frontward so no decibels are lost. The Helium charges via micro USB, which replenishes the phone’s internal battery simultaneously, and an LED indicator denotes a fully charged Helium battery.