Tough as an actual axe

Kickstarter: Alpaca Adventure Guitar

Like so many rockers, it ain't pretty but it sounds good.

The Alpaca Guitar more like “I’ll pack a…” than the animal, but we’ll assume that’s what they were going for. The Kickstarter project is all about turning everyone’s favorite campfire fun into a nigh unbreakable, waterproof piece of hiking gear. That’s accomplished through an amorphous body made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and bio-derived resins; a sawed-off head with tuners moved to the bottom of the guitar; and a three-point harness system on the back that makes it anywhere-strappable.

The gents at Alpaca will craft the guitars by hand using products entirely sourced from the U.S — and everything’s done with environmentalism in mind. The end result weighs just 2.6 pounds. A donation of $390 puts you in line for the axe (update: this donation option is now sold out, but there’s plenty of others). So who care’s if it’s been smacked a few times with the ugly stick and its sound is on the tinny, raw side? It’s a camp guitar for heaven’s sake. If you’re that picky, why don’t you just stay in and listen to your Beats by Dre instead?