Makes the Italians sweat

2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

Cars By Photo by Nissan
What happens when Godzilla goes on a diet.

Some claim the Nissan GT-R is a tad too clinical, born from a generation of Gran Turismo video game junkies who are better on a game console than behind a real wheel. But no one will dispute the fact that the GT-R is a bonkers supercar for a non-supercar price, and it makes just about every other competitor sweaty in the nether regions. Well, the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition has just been revealed at the Chicago Auto Show, and it should add an even heftier dose of fear into the hearts of performance cars with twice the price tag.

This new, more business-like Godzilla of the tarmac adds performance bits and loses unnecessary driving chaff, lending to a more ferocious ride. The back seat has been sent to the crusher, while beefier suspension, improved brake cooling and race-ready seats have all been added. The suspension changes were developed from runs on the famous German Nürburgring, where the GT-R has performed with honors. Other performance bits from the Track Edition will carry over to the “base” GT-R, including new fuel injectors for enhanced torque response in the 4,500-6,000 rpm range, better throttle response, and improved throttle and acceleration in the mid- and high-range rpms. For the show-off in you, each GT-R will now have an aluminum nameplate on the hand-assembled engine reflecting the name of the “Takumi” craftsman who built it, along with a hand-built carbon fiber rear spoiler. Only 150 will be built, and there’s no word on pricing yet.