Hop Hop, Hooray

Spiegelau IPA Glass

Culture By Photo by Riedel VIA
It's not about looking good; we trust the masters on this one.

Quick, who do you want to make you the perfect IPA glass? An excellent German glassware company (Spiegelau), a West Coast brewery that was one of the earliest and most influential in craft beer (Sierra Nevada) and an East Coast maker whose 60 Minute IPA is considered one of the most solid (Dogfish Head)? You’ve done good, suds swigger. Esquire‘s tipped us off to the resulting IPA Glass ($25 for two), which looks awkward but is tailored just so for your drinking pleasure. The founders of both breweries, Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione, respectively, went through a long, careful selection process to get it just right. The ridges at the bottom aerate the beer and the closed top aims the hoppy goodness right at your nose. They’ll be available in May, just in time for the tsunami of summer IPAs.