You're welcome, snow

Tenom Sled

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Tenom
Easier than most puzzles, and more fun afterwards.

Anyone who’s ever been a kid knows that winter-long reputations can be made and broken on the sledding hill. And any dad worth his salt knows that acquiring an unbeatable mode of downhill transport is his own personal responsibility — one that’s not to be take lightly. (See: Chase, Chevy; Christmas Vacation, but consider scaling it back a notch.) The little ones should be shuttled over fresh powder on something sleek, impressive and enviable. Maybe something nostalgic. Maybe something cutting edge. Definitely something like the Tenom Sled (~$129), designed by Konstantin Achkov.

Like all other Tenom products, the sled is constructed of precision-designed 18mm and 4mm plywood sheets that are rendered in a computer and sliced to perfection by a CNC router (dimensions are exact to 1/10th of a millimeter). There are no nails, staples, glue, screws or the like holding together pieces of the sled; rather, it’s put together much like a puzzle, and because each piece is so meticulously fashioned, the joints need no additional help staying anchored together. The retro, Rosebud-esque snow rocket ships flat-packed, in several pieces, so not only will lucky children fly down the hard pack in style, they’ll need a hand in building their trusty steed.