the-shooter The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden is Screwed
Phil Bronstein reports for Esquire in this riveting tell-all about the Navy SEAL who fired the three shots that killed Osama Bin Laden. Tremendous reading. Bronstein’s account of the government’s failure to help our cherished heroes move on in life is astonishing and frustrating.
how-to-decorate-your-wall How to Make a Wall Work
Valet shows that remedying the problem of the barren wall is easy with just a few handsome acquisitions.
summit-mount-everest-historical-photos Photos of Mount Everest Gear, Circa 1963
2013 marks the passing of 50 years since Jim Whittaker summited Mount Everest — the first American to do so. His accomplishment was followed up, just a few days later, by two of his expedition team members as they summited Everest via a new, groundbreaking route. The gear required for the excursion weighed in at 27 tons and included oxygen masks, Eddie Bauer down parks and much much more. GearJunke scored an exclusive look at the photos taken by David Swift.
oral-history-of-pulp-fiction Oral History of Pulp Fiction
Uma Thurman, Quentin Tarantino, and John Travolta take time to retrace the making of the movie that redefined modern cult cinema.
stop-reading-motivational-articles Stop Wasting Time on Absurd Motivational Articles
Many a blog-empire have been built from puff pieces, repurposed news and meaningless how-to’s. This includes an overabundance of useless motivational articles, which we are evidently not alone in thinking. Fast Company weighs in and provides some worthy alternatives.