Down to a tea

Kickstand Cold-Brewed Black Tea Concentrate

Culture By Photo by Fab


Kickstand Cold-Brewed Black Tea Concentrate ($20) is a Brit’s wet dream. It’s the essence of your second or third favorite leaf, captured in its bitter, earthy, put-your-feet-up form, ready to be diluted to the desired strength and enjoyed hot or cold, black or with sugar, milk, honey or even some crumpets. In the same spirit as Kickstand’s Cold-Brewed Coffee Concentrate, the recommended ratio of concentrate to water (hot or cold) is 1:1, but the English and other tea nuts alike are free to make their cup as strong as they like. Either way, it’s easy to make and bloody scrumptious (chap). The 32oz bottle holds about 10 cups; at $2 a cup, it’s pricey but not outrageous. It’s worth it for the perfect post-croquette refreshment.

32oz bottle