For most of us the world of powerboats is a bit on the abstract side — we simply imagine loud, fast and ridiculously expensive, but on water instead of pavement. The Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept boat is a spectacular example of the last two qualities. Famed powerboat builder Cigarette, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz AMG, built the SLS AMG Electric Drive-inspired watercraft to showcase technology from both companies in a big way. We got to see it up close and personal at its unveiling during the Miami International Boat Show. It joins the Cigarette AMG inspired lineup including the 50 AMG Black and the new 42 Huntress.

Multiplying the SLS AMG’s output by three, the matte neon yellow (officially, “AMG Electricbeam Mango”) boat utilizes an all-electric powertrain with 2,200 horsepoower and 2,213 lb-ft of torque. Four 60-kWh li-ion batteries and two banks of six liquid-cooled, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors provide 240 kWh of total energy output, and result in an all-electric boat that’s the world’s fastest — gloating a top speed of 100+ mph. But don’t go looking for this 38-footer to go on sale en masse, or even in limited production. This singular version is the only one in existence. Talk about a silent killer of your dreams.