Night Moves


February 15, 2013 Style By Photo by Luminox


The new Luminox RECON NAV SPC ($450) (that’s reconnaissance team navigation specialist for you civilians out there) is 46 millimeters of agressive, useful toughness. But don’t be intimidated by the black carbon-reinforced polycarbonate strapped down with a specially designed synthetic strap. The RECON’s unique navigation tools make it a home run for any orienteer or backwoods trekker.

The latest addition to Luminox’s RECON line offers a unique walking speed tachymeter calibrated in mph or kph (depending on the model), a rotating diver’s bezel and a GMT/second time zone function for those really long mission. The strap sports three different commonly used map scales, an inches to centimeters comparison and a removable compass — no need for calculations to figure distances on your USGS quadrangle. As with all Luminox timepieces, it’ll glow for up to 25 years and is uniquely readable in the wee hours.

Outfitted with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and dependable Ronda quartz movement, it’s packaged in a military-style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Loadcarrying Equipment) unit that doubles as a sunglasses case. The Swiss-made beast arrives in a PX near you in March, so start practicing with the camo makeup, find your black watch cap & turtleneck, and plan that midnight run to the coast. Or to that great little bar & grille just across the county line.

Available March 2013