Sauces with a little extra sauce

Ole Smoky Moonshine Products

February 15, 2013 Culture By Photo by Ole Smoky

Moonshine’s re-gaining popularity — just ask those harebrained hicks from the Discovery Channel show — and with it some great new White Lightning brands are reaching drinkers’ stomachs. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is a great corn whiskey that we’ve covered before; what really caught our eye recently, though, is their huge range of Moonshine-soaked foods. Soaked isn’t the right word, exactly: each jar contains less than 1% of their 100 proof ‘shine. But anyone who’s had cry-your-eyes-out cherries soaked in the stuff knows that too much high-proof corn liquor and tasty foods does not an enjoyable experience make. In any case, it’s an entertaining menu to peruse, from White Lightning Pickles ($9), Memphis Rub ($8), Moonshine Apple Butter ($7),, Mountain Man Maker hot sauce ($9), XXX Wing Sauce ($11) to Strawberry Jelly ($7).