Tiny wheels, big dreams

Playforever Toys

Design By Photo by Playforever
Time to start working on engine noises again.

Boys love their toys, and sometimes even grown men want a throwback to simpler times, when imagination ruled and there were no limits — or work emails. The brilliantly designed Playforever toys ($28-$60) line is meant to pull you into that childhood time vortex. In 2005, British designer Julian Meagher conjured up youthful yet sleek models of three vehicles: the Enzo Motorbike, the Mimmo Aeroplane and the Bruno Racing Car. Later, he added four new models, including three Midi Race Cars and the Mini Speedy Le Mans. Each of his creations is ingeniously simple in its design, using retro styling cues with modern flair that will have you making engine sounds without (that much) shame. Built with thickly molded ABS plastic and classy white rubber wheels, they’re meant to hold up to tile floor races, but work just as well for your desk garage.