giveaway-brewer-If you haven’t been snoozing, you know we’re right in the midst of a Fortnight of Coffee, our two-week study of addiction that life-affirming beverage. But we can’t do it alone. Too much caffeine. Not enough time. Loved ones troubled by our shaking hands and fast-talk gibberish. So we’ve got a proposition, the net-net of which involves a shot at a Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker: Thermal (pictured right). That’s enough brewing power to go from take-out dweeb to caffeinated honcho faster than you can say, “coffee is for closers only.”

Specifically, we’re looking for you to snap photos of your daily coffee experience and send them our way. What works: your home coffee maker or setup, favorite coffee beans, the cute barista at your local coffee house, the cup of Joe on your daily subway commute, the Probat parked in your garage, mind-blowing latte art, even a regular old cup of black coffee at the diner. What doesn’t work: tea.

To enter, simply hashtag photos on Instagram or Twitter with #GPcoffee and include @gearpatrol in your comment so we can find you (follow us while you’re at it). Or just email shots from your phone or computer to coffee [at] If you need a little inspiration, check out some submissions from our Show Us Your Beef contest.

Throughout the Fortnight, we’ll be sharing coffee photo submissions on GP, and we’ll announce a winner on Twitter the first week of March. The winner gets the official title of Brewmaster along with the Bonavita. What are you waiting for? Fire up the camera app and show us the crema.

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