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Espresso, Intelligentsia

February 20, 2013 Culture By Photo by Vimeo

It’s been around for a while, but if you need proof of coffee practiced as an obsession, art form and science, this quick video — a “how-to” on making a cup of espresso — is exhibit A. Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice, California can come off as a little pretentious at first; but what you’re really seeing is unabashed expertise in truly great coffee, from measuring the grind texture with the hands to pre-warming the cup. “We take every single step in the chain, from seed to cup, as seriously as possible”, Kyle Glanville extols. We believe him. The video’s one of a trio on making the perfect cup of Joe by the D4D (the other two are on cappuccino and siphon coffee). Take it as a primer for your own espresso-making, an interesting look at how the pros make an excellent cup every time, or motivation to go grab a sip yourself.