A Scout is Trustworthy

Scout Home Security System

Design By Photo by Scout

When it comes to home security, there don’t seem to be many options between expensive monthly-fee security systems and keeping a pump-action under the bed (note: don’t do that). The Scout Home Security System ($120+) utilizes wi-fi and mobile connectivity to meet somewhere between safety and affordability. It’s all based on a network of hardware units — which sport a sleek, modern design that apparently intimidates uncouth criminals — that include a “base station” with wi-fi and 3G, arm/disarm panel, open/close and motion sensors. You buy as many as you need to create a customized security net around your home; more can be added as you go, which is nice for the cash-strapped worrier. The system connects to your computer or smartphone, where you both customize settings, like how you want to respond to break-ins (turning on lights, calling the police, simply being notified), and receive notifications.

You’re also not tied in to a contract like you’d be with a big-name security firm. Of course, with affordability comes potential issues. We’re not certain how effective the movement and open/close sensors are (nothing an in-depth review can’t solve), and the very fact that these are “instantly installed”, not to mention the great design, gives us pause. What, can’t prying hands also have a penchant for design? In any case, the system, available for pre-order now and out August 2013, is better than the old “put up leftover ADT security signs” trick. Made in Chicago.

Available August 2013