The cool kind of four eyes

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Eric Yang

Binoculars are binoculars, right? Wrong. Bushnell’s Legend Ultra HD binoculars ($242) provide enough long-sighted quality for anyone but Seal Team Six wannabes, and at a price even the lowest Audubon member can afford. The 10x field glasses are exactly that — made for the field — due to their light weight and water-and-fog proofed construction (Rainguard HD coating on the glass means a little spritz won’t muddle your view of that buck 400 yards up the hill).

Bushnell’s well known for their binoculars and scopes, and products like this reinforce that notion. Optics nuts will be impressed by technical specs (extra-low dispersion glass, impressive “color fidelity” and excellent field of view); everyone else will quickly realize that the Legends make fuzzy things far away damn sharp, damn quick. Soft touch grips feel good in the hand and ensure you don’t drop them out of the ultimate Buck-Killer HQ Pickup truck with lots of Remington decals bird-watching blind. Use the neck strap, butterfingers.