Inflatable peace of mind

Hail Protector

February 26, 2013 Cars By Photo by Hail Protector
Like your own car-hugging Michelin Man

Unless your car is a true “beater” — with a primer paint job and a headliner that’s already sagging like an elephant’s scrotum in the dead heat of an African summer — the possibility of a hailstorm makes you nervous. The Hail Protector ($299-$399) Automobile Hail Protection System is just the kind of inflatable armor to comfort you, knowing that the chariot you carnuba wax four times a year is safe and sound. The basic design makes the Hail Protector look like a standard car cover, but it’s powered by AA batteries, AC outlet or your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and activated by remote control. Inflating the entire cover only takes a few minutes and saves your ride from projectiles ranging from the diminutive to stones the size of softballs (no meteor protection, sorry Russians).

Plus, an included free lifetime subscription to the National Weather Service provides you with storm data so you know when to deploy the cover (you can also just watch The Weather Channel). As all good car owners know, any cover should be water resistant, protect from UV rays and provide breathability; the Hail Protector has all of those covered, too. Now, if they can only get you to park a safe distance from the driving range.

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